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Four Walls,

Lightwater, Surrey

Client – Private Client

Project type – Bespoke new build residential dwelling

Site Constraints – Green belt, Special protection area

Architect stage – Feasibility design options  and Full planning

The scheme has been designed to ensure the architecture responds to the clients wishes of family living in their self build home and positively responds to the surrounding area and all required national and local planning policies. The new design is a simple yet elegant proportioned building.


The proposed development has been designed to have minimal impact upon the surroundings. The building has been designed to include specific materials enable the building to sit comfortably within the green belt environment.

The natural landscape enables the scheme to create a semi type basement environment, which holds a workshop, swimming pool, gymnasium and sauna. The design ensures natural light and ventilation is easily introduced to the semi type basement for a high quality family home. The design also creates a private sunken courtyard.

The building height and volume was an important factor with regards to planning. The architectural design responded to this while retaining key design features to the architectural quality of the internal spaces such as the double height spaces, bridge links and a large central fireplace.

The orientation and design of the property allows private amenity space while creating a link with nature. The orientation also seeks to reduce the impact of the nearby road that runs west of the site, while maintaining a good aspect. The reduction of road noise is also improved by the landscape design of the green bund which runs along the western edge of the property, the bund will be created out of the spoil from the site meaning the removal of the site waste will be dramatically reduced compared to a standard new build dwelling.

The windows have been designed to allow natural light and ventilation into the key areas of the building while allowing the interaction of the outside space and reducing any impact on the green belt and unwanted solar gain.

The dwelling houses 4 large bedrooms each having private en suite facilities. The interior design is a modern contemporary scheme with large double height spaces and key architectural features. The ground floor is semi open plan with a large fireplace dividing the living spaces. The master bedroom in uniquely positioned to one side of the property being accessed by a bridge link and taking advantage of the views and sunrise.

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